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Sport cycling focused on performance  exposes disc wheels to the special conditions such as constant pressure during treading, side wind and also great pressure by  cycling in angle. Stiffer wheels are extra stiff, which provides more stability, comfort and safety in any riding conditions.


One of the unique features of Stiffer wheels is a combination of their stiffness and light weight, which is significant characteristics when searching for the righ wheel set. Combining all preffered properties with a 1150g weight cap,  the basic Stiffer wheel set is the right choice without any unnecessary compromises.


Thanks to the unique inner construction, ergonomical access and external adjustement, riding Stiffer wheels becomes a real adventure, no matter what pace you choose.

Stiffer wheels

 At a time, when innovations in the cycling market are obsolete within a few months it is difficult to launch something new, revolutionary and inimitable. Therefore the creators of STIFFER brand  focused on the most important parametres, which are in the long run in the search of consumer tests and community leaders  both on the side of  professionals and  individuals, for whom cycling is a  lifetime passion. The weels were designed, tested and successfully put into production to make your ride

a great experience from the very first moment. As a man places

a strong emphasis on the construction of the house, our priority was to develop a particularly strong wheel, which will be a guarantee of stability under challenging conditions and at the same time sufficient for the moments where every gram is calculated. We have accomplished our mission. Today we proudly present  our unicum  - combination of the big 3 : stiffness, lightness and comfort - STIFFER wheel.

Wheel type:

Material type:

Tyre valve chamber:

Lateral rigidity (axis):

Lateral rigidity (edge):

Outer diameter:

Rim width:


disc (tubular)

full carbon


± 0,2 mm

± 0,3 mm

635 mm

23 mm

1150 g


- Full carbon design


- Smooth aerodynamic surface


- Abrasion resistant


- Stability in critical moments


- Hardened inner construction


- Extra high lateral rigidity


- Ergonomical Q8 to tyre valve


- Reliability on every surface


- Well deserved comfort



STIFFER wheel concept has its origin in the Slovak company JPH System.


The company focuses on subcontracting in machining and composite materials industry.


 In this particular area we decided for a daring step - developing and manufacturing

a private label disc wheel for cycling market.


JPH System  company continues to maintain the status of a small, progressive firm while focusing on European quality and portfolio availability.

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Pribinove sady 19/29

018 51 Nová Dubnica



​tel.: +421 919 441 050

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